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Lambda Gamma Gamma was established on Ft.   Meade, Maryland in 1985.  The first meeting was held in August of 1984 before an official charter was processed for approval.   Brothers Doug Bonner, Cyrus Stroman, Jonathon Allen, Blair Alexander, Roy Gordon and Shelton Henry met to form the nucleus of the soon to be chartered military chapter.

The chapter was chartered on December 29th of 1984 however, the official charter was presented to the chapter's charter members on April 28, 1985. 
Before the formal presentation, provisional officers were appointed to manage the affairs of organizing and coordinating for future recognition by the national organization. 


The provisional slate included the following brothers:  Basileus (prov.) Roy Gordon, Vice Basileus (prov.) Jonathon Allen, Keeper of Finance (prov.) Blair Alexander, and Keeper of Records and Seal Cyrus Stroman.    These brothers made up the core of the organization and were instrumental in putting together a viable proposal to establish Lambda Gamma Gamma.


 The charter officially established LGG as part of the National Capital Region.  Brother John Maloney III, 19th Second District Representative, officiated the charter ceremony and Brother E. Ross presented the guest remarks.  LGG was unique in that it was composed of an assortment of military and non military brothers devoted to the principles of Omega.  Charter membership consisted of Brothers Cyrus Stroman, L.C. Collins, Roy Gordon, Shelton Henry, Jonathon Allen, Blair Alexander, Douglas Bonner, and Lawrence Shaw.


"Aid to an indigent family" was the chapter's title for its first philanthropic endeavor.  Working with the assistance and oversight of Ft. Meade's Army Community Services Program, a family was identified and the brothers of LGG provided anonymously donated food stuffs to needy families for a period of 6 months.