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The "Sons Of LGG"

Lambda Gamma Gamma chapter has a rich history albeit short in the lifespan of nearly 35 years of Omega service. Her contributions have been many but most of all consistent. 

Chapter Photo
GG’s greatest contribution to the folds of Omega is her sons.  We are proud to have Bro. Phillip Edmonds (LGG 2002) as the chapter’s first LGG made Basileus. 
Our latest pledge line completed the process in the Spring of 2012

"The Desolate 9"
consisted of the following men: 

Charles Burke
Ivan Hardnett
Jonathan Pratt
Donte Davis
Marc Pina
Bryan Wilson
Edward Coates
Nnamdi Jideani
Deante Byrd

The following men also crossed the burning sands through Lambda Gamma Gamma Chapter and we are honored to call them the Sons of LGG.

FA 1995 – "Genesis"

  • Rasheed AkinWande
  • Ron Dickie

SPR 1998 - "Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde"

  • Vernon White
  • Ron Cheatham


SPR 1999 - "Because of Her"

  • Sam Grier
  • Knowlton Atterbeary
  • Kevin Pittman
  • Reginald Harris


SPR 2002 - "LiL Train's Eleven Rock Hard  Sons of Bam Bam

  • Tyronne Turner
  • Elwood Welch
  • Corey Jennings
  • Clayton Hall
  • Rodney Hopkins
  • Freddie Robinson
  • Phillip Edmonds
  • Kevin Fuller
  • Ron Richardson
  • Damon Wilson
  • Scotty Arnold

  FA 2004 - "Six Surviving Sons of a Soldier"

  • Robert Freeman
  • Ronnie Winston
  • Johnny Sidbury
  • William Taylor
  • Carl Pinkney
  • David Shelton

SPR 2009 - "Eleven Enthusiastic Injections to the Bloodline"

  • John Henry
  • Darrell Harris
  • Lonnie McAllister
  • Chris Metz
  • Sam Thomas
  • Darrell Morrison
  • Jamaal Carter
  • Robert Clark
  • Gorman Brown
  • Maurice Holmes
  • Theo Plummer


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