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LGG Mentors Receive 2016 Community Partner Award

 | Published on 3/8/2016

LGG Mentors Receive 2016 Community Partner Award


            Glenarden, MD (March 8, 2016) – Many of the Brothers in Lambda Gamma Gamma (LGG) chapter volunteer at Charles Herbert Flower High School each Wednesday night with the school’s young men.  The program, entitled Manhood 101, is part of the chapter and fraternity’s Assault on Illiteracy Program. Throughout the school year, the Brothers provide academic assistance, moral support and guidance to the young men. Additionally, the Brothers take them on several trips throughout the year to cultural and educational sites around Washington, DC and also to area colleges to get a taste of life after high school. The conclusion of the 2015-2016 school year will bring to a close the 4th year LGG has provided Uplift to these young men through Manhood 101.


In recognition of the contribution and efforts of the Brothers, they were recognized on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at the Flowers High School award ceremony. The award bestowed on the Brothers of LGG by way of the Manhood 101 Mentoring Program was the 2016 Community Partner Award. This award recognizes community members for their dedication and service to the Charles H. Flowers High School community. 


Bro. DeAnte Byrd, one of the program’s mentors, stated that “When the Manhood101 program was implemented nearly 4 years ago through the vision of Brothers Gorman Brown and Bleu Colquitt, I could not have imagined the impact it would have not only on the young brothers that we mentor but the effect it would have on me personally.”


Bro. Colquitt, the Chair of Manhood 101 and the Assault on Illiteracy Program, is extremely proud of the work of the younger Brothers such as Bro. Byrd.  “I really appreciate the younger Brothers for taking the reins for this program. The boys have begun to see you as their ‘Big Brother’ and in these times that is an excellent thing for our Black Boys.”


The proof of the success of the program can be seen in the regular weekly attendance of the young men, their attitudes and, tangibly, in their Grade Point Averages (GPAs). Most of the young men now possess GPA 3.0 and higher, which is a significant improvement since the program’s inception.